Level Designer Wanted

I need a level designer who can make Classic-style levels well enough that I don’t want to punch him in the face. I already have a mental list of people I’d like help from so don’t be surprised if I don’t take your help. If I accept your help, however, be aware that I may or may not use your levels. I mostly just need inspiration - editing or scrapping levels will probably happen. It’ll help Riley and myself out though, so that’s cool. Forum PM me, message me on Skype, or slash a bunch on Zolderon if you’d like to help.



I could give it a shot. Which classic style are you looking for? pre-2000 style? or modern dusty-style classic?

Classic. I have no motivation to make outside levels, so I need those. I gave you what you need on Zolderon if you want to throw anything on there.

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Dylan, you’re hired.

I may be able to whip some levels up. I’m busy these days, but I can make time for a few levels. And I can tone down my usual style to fit classic, I think.

Yes! do it!! If you can do bomby town you can do this!

Seriously? I would definitely be down to do a few levels for you, just let me know what you need. It might take me a while though, been pretty with homework lately.

I can set you up when I get home.


Where did all of this come from? (I’m not being negative if it’s somehow interpreted that way.)

I dunno, just felt like doing some graal stuff today. :slight_smile:

Riley and I are always doing something. We just don’t tell people because we never finish anything.