Level Generator Pisses me off.

So I generated a map, with mountains around the map, instead of one gigantic mount, it gave me 5 different mountain ranges with room for players to walk, so I have to go through by hand and fix EVERY MOUNTAIN IN THE FUCKING GMAP.

What’s the point of generating the levels if I have to go through them by hand anyways?



I get that fucking error all the time, and then it doesnt save my work. Thats when I pickup my computer, open my window, and CALMLY drop it out. Then cuss a storm up in my room.

To simplify the creation of the overworld so you can get to work on it faster?

I can honestly say that I have never gotten an error from the editor.

Usually people get the error where when the play their level, its all grass.
In which case, close Graal immediately (ie: don’t return to the level editor), and your level should be fine.

I had only the editor open at the time.

Graal does not need reason to fail. It is a self supporting case of Murphy’s Law.

I’ve never gotten an error like that. Ever.

I don’t use level generator, I just generate an empty map and go with it.

I.E. too much free time.

Hardly. I just find it easier to freehand the outline than to follow an edit a generated one. I end up nearly redoing the generated ones anyways.

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about, I’m going to end up redoing this entire map, why does the generator suck so bad that we have to do that?