Level linking?

How do you make people go to level to level without thousands of warp squares:bang: and how do you make people go in circles( more like in squares but yeah).

lol put long ones not short ones just 4 of them 1 left 1 right 1 to bottom and idk what u mean about the circles more info about what u mean would help

How do other servers do it?

do what spin in a circle with there sword?

This exchange made me lol.

get the graal dvd pack, look at existing levels and how they do their linking

Other servers uses the level-generator to make the base of their server.

I can’t seem to download Graal DVD Pack…
What is a level generator? And if it works, can I use it?


This is the single most retarded thread I have ever seen on a forum. Have you even bothered to explore the editor? Do you know how to put tiles on the grid? I doubt it. Fucking explore it’s not that hard.

OK, why can’t I download Graal DVD pack then?

Plus, I’m no “master scripter” and you need to define tiles… the tiles as in bushes and walls or what??

LOL YOU ARE DUMB! If you downloaded the Graal client then you have the editor. On the login screen click “Offline” or “Offline Test,” and then press F4.

OK, I am dumb and thanks!

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