Level of the Week - Challenge #6

Welcome, one and all, to the new Level of the Week - Challenge #6!


The rules are simple. Anyone can submit an entry (one per person). Each week there will be a theme. A contestant will design a level based on the theme. When one week has passed (if we have less than five submissions after one week then we’ll extend it an extra few days. If we still don’t have five submissions we’ll just take the contestants that did submit, or extend more days.) we’ll have a poll and the community will decide what level is the best!
Since the last challenge was a bust I’ve decided to close it down and start on challenge six. Thanks to everyone who played along (ahem only me). So:
This Week’s Theme: Throne Room

This week there is a size level restriction: 32x32 tiles.


  • Level Restriction 32x32. See attachment.
  • Pics1 or Classic Tileset
  • No restrictions on NPCs
  • Interior
  • Post a picture of the level. No .nw file required.
  • Use ALT+1 or ALT+2 to take a picture of your level.
  • ALT+1 takes a picture of your level without HUD, ALT+2 takes a picture of your level with HUD.
  • Be creative!

This looks fun, as long as you’re not competing that is.


Kk. If the reason that the mollusk is leagues ahead skill-wise, and that if he participates there actually is no competition isn’t sufficient, I guess I’m just a jerk.

I’m not playing, no. I hope you all do, though!


Classic tileset. Graal banners from Classic. Throne made by Riley a couple minutes ago.

Nice. Lots of room for activities.

I’ll participate in this one, won’t be able to get it done until after work.

I can’t wait to see the level you will never submit dylan.

So far, Spooon’s is winning.

I’ve almost managed to open up the level editor.



Guys, you had 3 months.
There’s only been 3 submissions.
Get your asses over here and make some thronerooms already!

I thought I already won.

I thought I’d give it a try :slight_smile:
Sorry for the late submission. Anyway, I used Shrimpie’s tileset from his CDA Graphics Dump just to change things.

I should have simplified it, but eh…at least I tried.

Not sure about the floor and the tables. But the rest looks really cool!

Thanks, I just threw in whatever I could find.
I’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:

Too bad it doesn’t count because you didn’t read the rules.