List Server is Down

Hey guys! I would like to notify that the list server is down so none of my staff nor players can access our server or any other servers! Just wanted to find out if it’s down or something

Looks like somebody tripped over the plug… Again.

my bad! oh wait, i don’t even think i have access to such stuff anymore

where is Beholder and the rest of the people at? Digger got everyone on Discord.

there’s a discord?

Holdin out on us? :{
I have discord, but haven’t found a good place to stick around. This should be a thing for Reborn

Please don’t invite GR people to the NBK discord

NBK Discord? I had no idea NBK was still around much less had a Discord. NBK was a big time guild back in the year 2000.

next thing you know people will talking about a irc server…

or a Jesus Freaks VRChat world with Vangel as Ugandan Knuckles.

They say if you live long enough you’ll eventually see everything…

so there’s no discord