Listen up!

We need to stop this “war” going on. I want you all to stop blaming people for shit.

I'm currently trying to piece the community back together and that will be hard if people blame eachother for stuff.
Let's leave the past and aim towards the future instead.

Stop blaming:
Pac: What he did was wrong, but he was/is a good person
Viper: I'm sure someone's blaming him for what happened to the forums before, shit happens, so what…
Jellyfish: What he did was because that he felt backstabbed by our community, stop blaming him, what would you have done if you were in his place?

If there's anyone else you're blaming, stop with that shit. It wont solve anything.

I'm sorry too for everyone I've blamed.

Best regards,
Graal Reborn Management

Re: Listen up!

I was unaware there was a War going on? But seriously we need to pull together and open up the community.

Re: Listen up!

Nice pun :open_mouth: