Listserver checks servers

A good feature would be that the listserver checks if it’s possible to connect to the gserver or not when the gserver is connected to the listserver. If it’s non-connectable, the server will be UC.

It’s pretty annoying to connect to a server when it’s impossible to connect to it, because the client almost dies when doing that…

thats when the client goes all white right?

Like an ugly baby being choked to death :]

Its when you’re connecting to a server and it fails right off the bat (wrong IP/Firewall) or it takes a long ass time (Port not forwarded).

argh, someone make a new multithreaded listserver! ;/

Just be lazy and make it add all servers as UC to start with, then it runs a separate process to check the server which then updates the server to be non-UC if its connectable.

Listserver checks servers

That would be good, especially with the new version where we can use more than one script on a port or is the port issue not resolved yet?