Looking For Game Like Era

About 3 months ago I got perm banned from Graal Era because I was spreading my opinion on Unixmad. I guess opinions are not allowed there. This is how Unixmad runs from the hate I guess.
I then, made a new account a few days ago and got my uploads back and everything was going fine. Then bam, jailed for 600k hours.
Im tired of this game and really want another game like it. With a community like graal’s. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Exactly like Era, staff are even the same too!

I should add, community is also equal to Graal’s with an extra pinch of Spanish.

The staff are the same? The staff on era are terrible. I hope you don’t mean the staff are the same in that way. I will give it a try! Thanks

Exactly what I meant, terrible.

Good luck!

But you won’t get banned for hating Unixmad, so that’s something.

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Unixmad is a censored word on the game, Lol.

But you can still hate him!

And I do.

Corleone sounds like a safe haven until you find out it’s ran as badly as graal. Why!

I thought that too.

I am just waiting to see real people and not bots to post on this forum.

I’m still around

There’s literally only been one bot very rarely posting on here and that bot doesn’t like being called a bot. Don’t call it a bot.

Bad bot!