Looking for tdshead*.png - if you have all or any please let me know

If you have a heads folder 5-10 years old, please look for tdshead1 tdshead2 etc, and if you have any of those I am making an invite only server using those as a theme. Please let me know if we can work out something to exchange for them, even if you only have 1 or 2. Please PM or post here. Thank you!

first person to post a tds head gets a prize

can I have a prize for doing nothing?

Nope, no tdshead on my computer.
Not even in the 1go Graal folder that was shared some time ago.

What server?

I can’t find it. I’ve found lots of others such as head0 through 1100ish .gif, .png and .mng but not that file. oddly enough shields and other graphics have slipped their way into various head packs over the years too…

You could try downloading every level/playerworld pack at http://nekoroy.com/graal/downloads.html extracting them all and doing a file search but I have no idea if it’s actually in there or not.

I had forgotten just how chaotic and unorganized things made by graal people could be… for example i am finding .mid and .mp3 files in the gifs and images directories of things…

I’m going to just remake them. I suppose the game will be open to anyone that the players invite who is validated as an active/vouched for forum member or something to that effect. But I am considering an ‘authorized accounts’ list or some kind of safeguard, so the content remains private. As long as it’s guarded and there is a layer to just anyone finding/accessing it then it will be able to stay up. Will figure it out down the road.

PMed Kalzor.

Does anyone know how to restrict access to approved account names in gserver configuration, or alternatively to disconnect a player using an npc that I could create an in game list in?

you could set your server to staff only, then only people whose account name is container within list in the server settings will be allowed to connect to your server.