Looks quite like with the listserver


Oh well, as I am using an old verson of GServer (2.3.1)
That would not count as a bug, more like a report.

I have compiled the npc-server as svn trunk (revision 1110).

So I ran the gserver… then the npc-server.

First time I run it did look like:
Connecting to GServer. . .
Connected to GServer!
Sending Login Data. .
Loaded weapon [-gr_movement]
[stop there a big while, so I launched remote control]

Then after a while I saw that the icons for npc-server where flashing in RemoteControl (about 2x by second]. So I look at the server screen:

And now, when I launch it (remote control connected), I get quite the same, but without much time before the repeating messages:

I have 2.4.0 GServer around, waiting to be configured… I’ll give a try.

Oops, just after closing the GServer, I saw a window from Remote Control (I think): Your nc version is not allowed on this server.
NC? that is the npc-server?
That’s a beginning of an explanation.


99% sure that has nothing to do with the listserver.


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I guarantee if I posted the shit you did Gllt, I would just get flamed. Ily <3


At first I thought this was link to the CSocket thing.
But now, I suppose this is mostly just the nc not allowed here.


it is fixed in the ‘development’ branch, compile that one instead. trunk is very old


With the development branch of npcserver-v1

Compiled it…

on the server:

RC was stably showing npcserver icons… they were empty, but my world is ‘empty’.