LTTP overworld tiles/dungeontiles #1

sorry all, might as well post these as well, they are also free to use for anyone wanting to use them. i am currently using these tiles for 2 regions of my server. but after that, i probably wont use them again.

as for the dungeon tiles, they are also for use for anyone. these will more then likely get used again as i left the tileset open for advancement and to add new tiles later to it. but here you go. enjoy all :slight_smile: free to use for the graal reborn community as well.

i will also take some requests as well. trading is good. and helps things grow :slight_smile:

anyways, enjoy, the tiles a pretty straight forward. well for me they are XD i made them hehe. enjoy everyone :slight_smile:


Something doesn’t seem right…

thank you dangerless for this useful and insightful post. :smiley:

What is useful about it? Your just sticking Lttp tiles on Graal. Good work

Looks like you started using Crow’s tileset first then added to it.

Jpeg ruins quality and it’s not even compatible with Graal… O.o?

JPEG sucks, I should work on banning that too from these forums! >:|

? i am suprised it is in jpg o_O i do not even have a jpg version of this file on my computer…ill try reuploading.

and i put these tilesets together myself, which is beside the point. they are for use by anyone. if you don’t like them, then do not use them? o_O?

Clearly your retarded.

“I’ll try re-uploading them” followed by “They are for use by anyone” when clearly it’s doesn’t work.

It’s not your fucking work when you are taking Nintendo work and just clearly re-coloring them. Just stop.

Upload the other one and just stop. I’m not going to unlock the thread because of denial.

lol, the forums automagically converts any uploaded image to jpg to save space. Use imageshack or something.

Stop posting in locked threads. It’s annoying.