LTTP overworld tiles (Fixed)

here is the fixed link for the lttp tiles.

Looks great asides from the old graal tiles still in there, haha.

You are aware pics1 was based off of Zelda, and thus most of the default tiles(from the very original pics1) can be replaced with an equivalent Zelda tiles right? In fact, there is already a pics1 zelda tileset that was part of Zelda Online(what Graal once was), and a good base to work with instead. Best thing you can do is get the old zelda.graal levels and see what needs to be replaced like that. For instance you have two swamp corner groups, and the hole from lifting a rock is not in the right place. The gold and blue “building” blocks near the shallow water tiles in pics1 are actually the swamp sewer building in Zelda, as well as various signs over house doors were actually once part of pics1(but now replaced, but again, you can find them in the older versions).

Truth ;D
In fact the zeldaonline tileset is probably still out on the internet somewhere.

I have it :slight_smile:

That smiley always has a tinge of sadness behind it’s smile.

I thought I was the only one who noticed that O_O

Probably due to the cringe or bag under it’s eyes.
Either that or it’s extremely dopey.

Doesn’t Ziplock have a more complete set of Zelda-tiles?

Half of it. Woohoo. -_-