Lumina Help.

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Hello, my name’s Phantom, no one remembers me, I’m sure XD. Anyway, I’m the only “active” player of Graal Reborn. (I see others from time to time.) I play Lumina, which is a good server. Has some translation problems that I may be able to fix. I used to be LAT of Giafea, if anyone remembers that server XD

Well, enough about me. Ever since Lumina got reset (How long was that, about 1 year ago?) I couldn’t find the hookshot, which is needed to progress in the story. If anyone knows where it is (or at least a hint or location) then I will be grateful.

Also if anyone needs help in Lumina themselves. then you know who to ask. XD

EDIT: First post? Well I have been on for a year, just inactive in forums.


Tricxta, VariousWeapon, Noob709, and I were all on Vinland.

Excuse him, he wasn’t a big fan of Lumina all that much.
Although… umm… you Lumina guys are workaholics should I say? Me, I’m not even. x_x

It’s in a dungeon o_0 enjoy your hint. Also…if you’r going to answer all lumina related questions about lumina what if I asked you for the specific location of the hookshot… In fact… considering I have finished lumina and even found the whore house people should ask me but don’t because I refuse to answer them :0

I did all of the quests on Lumina, too. But the server is all kinds of broken, so fuck it.

I noticed that yesterday, and forgot to edit my post.

Umm… Thanks for the hint? XD I guess I will have to find it myself eventually, since I need it to continue progress into the game. (One of the Admins was on and sent me to the final dungeon, but I had no clue what to do so I warped out.) I also didn’t know how to get into the Ice part of the map, which I was sent to before the final dungeon. (Thanks to him/her I got the 10 full hearts)

Anyway, let me get started on that. XD

EDIT: Maybe I shouldn’t have asked for the exact location, sorry.

EDIT2: I will be in Lumina now farming money if anyone still wants to help. (Note: I’m not gonna ask for it.)

The hookshot is in the sanctuary of water,you can find this sanctuary on the death mountain when a tornado following you.
For entering the sanctuary of water you need the firewand,can be found in sanctuary of “courage” in the red tree forest.

On the final sanctuary you need all artefact and hookshot+firewand for do all.
I think find “supermagie” can help when final battle begin…