Lvl3 Hammer Help

The title pretty much says it all, I’m trying to get the last Hera I need (Bathmog Quest) but I’m not entirely sure where to get the lvl3 Hammer, so far I got the Lvl2.

Graal the Adventure should be redesigned a bit so it’s more straightforward where to go next. It’s pretty confusing. Isn’t there something in the guide?

[h=3]*Hammer lvl 3[/h]Required - Metal Hammer - Obsidian Shaft
Go to Big City (the island in the far northwest) by riding the cruise ship or swimming there. Enter the small house closest to the volcano and wait for the three men in yellow to leave. Go outside and walk up them to get to the volcano. Once inside, go inside the middle rock to the volcano smithy. Talk to the blacksmith and we will upgrade your hammer to the Gold Hammer!

It is straight forward. The blacksmith that upgrades the hammer is the first thing you see when you enter the Big City Volcano. Bathmog is inside the volcano.

Back in the days when many people were on, it was actually nicer without it being straightforward… you’d walk around, chat with people and suddenly: wild quest appears! I loved the approach… I’ve never completely finished graal but was pretty close to finishing all the quests in tyhm’s era, when it was more straightforward. But it was awesome to randomly find new quests.

I think the king is the giver of quests in the beginning… some looking around when which flags are set during quests and adding explanations from the king (or another npc the king would point you to) would be an easy way out.

King Tristan and Chad tell you where every quest is.