Magic Boomerang

I recolored the boomerang purple, but what should it do? So far I’m thinking it should seek items within a range before coming back, maybe if you hold the fire key longer it’ll use some of your magic to travel further? Should it have some sort of sparkle trail or a charge glow?

Make it do damage. When it makes contact with someone you could make it that you hear the sound that the Jolt bombs make when they go off. They could also make bombs on contact… IDK

For graphic effects do it and, Make it like the Magic Boomerang in Zelda1.

I take it Various got a shiny new double ender for christmas o_o
Also: Sparkle

I was wondering what came in that package from Beholder that my sister intercepted while I was at work. No wonder she’s been off to visit friends…

Secret Santa, baby! pelvic thrust

Dammit Beholder, now everybody’s pming me preorders.