Making bodies

Can anyone give me a process that can create compatible bodies(whether they work with the color codes or not) with Graal that uses Photoshop?

Whenever I create bodies, with whatever method(I’ve tried 8bit PNGs, gifs, gif then gif2mng…) the bodies never come out right. Transparency is always screwed(whether I use actual transparency or #FFF/#000), colors are all messed up, and a load of other problems.

"If you use Photoshop make sure you change the image mode to Indexed Color before you save it. " - Agret

Bodies are horrendously anal about their palettes.

16 colors / 256 colors

Indexes and Relation
0 - Outline
1 - Belt
2 - Transparency
3 - Shoes
4 - Sleeves
5 - Skin
6 - Coat

Palette indexes 7 and up are unused (used for more static/custom colors).

I prefer using Paint Shop Pro, it has more control over the palettes. In Paint Shop Pro, once I have the palette indexes under control, I must save the image with an unoptimized palette. Otherwise things will compress and indexes will switch around.

That’s interesting to know! Though I don’t know how to manage palettes in Photoshop.

(and yes, I do save it as indexed[8bit])

That’s actually how I save most images, but bodies still hate me, lol. Oh well. I suck royally at bodies anyway

You might find an option to “edit palette”, so you can change the color on a per index basis.
Again, I use Paint Shop Pro [for saving pngs and palette work]. I use MS Paint for all the dirty work :smiley:

image -> mode -> color table

Got it working! It’s a bit complicated(as far as I have found out…) but I’ll try to write up a tutorial for it.

Editing the palette isn’t that hard though. :slight_smile:

Well the color table(at least in photoshop 6.0) isn’t easily edited. You can’t move colors around, you can only manually change the individual colors(unless I am missing something).

I found it easier, when indexing, to set the palette as custom and manually layout the palette from scratch by just eyedropping the colors in the order you like. At least, this is easier when the image has a small amount of colors.

just open a regular graal body. and make sure it’s indexed. then add new colors to the palette from index 7 and up. Then use the colors. Then save your image. Voila! :slight_smile:

I already tried that, it didn’t work either. Must be how Photoshop manages the palette.

Yeah, it’s gay. I’ll have to look around in the settings to save unoptimized palette. If I find out I’ll tell you. :slight_smile:

Im lost. Wut.


I have gimp. I like gimp. Can I do this with gimp? Gimp.

I broke it.

google “gimp palette editing”
With a quick search I found out you can export palettes from images and also import them, that could to the trick.

bumping a nearly 5 year thread for shit you can google/figure out yourself…