Making Exotic Bigmap

Ok so, here on Exotic we NEED a bigmap, i need help though, below are the list of levels that make our gmap on exotic. Im asking you guys because im to stupid enough to do it… i tryed once or twice, but failed. So please help me :P.

oh hellz no


Open a level of the map in graal editor… Press “M” map image made.

Put this in a weapon, or level:

if (playerenters){ setmap MAPIMAGEHERE,exoticlevels.txt,x,y; }


And then ill be done?

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Ok well i did that… nothing happend.

When you pressed M in the graal editor did it create an image and ask you to save it? You have to be editing the level, and make sure just the map levels are in the same folder.

Oh? And yes i did save it. but on my desktop without the levels. it was all black.

Download all the overworld, JUST overworld not inside levels to one folder… Open it, press M, save the image upload. Use that script

Open all the levels in level editor? I dont understand… im retarded…

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Teamviewer anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Put all the overworld levels in one folder on your computer.
  2. Open ONE level from the overworld (the first one is what i do)
  3. Press M in the editor.

Just one level, make sure there is no inside levels in the folder or nothing.

Just came up with a black image… TEAMVIEWER

Do u even have the big map set? 1. U need a txt file with the levels set like dis
Then put the file into the folder of ur levels.
Open up the level and put the script in
if (playerenters)
setmap ,bigmap.txt,0,0
^might be wrong. Ima noob at this.
Finally once the bigmap is loaded up and the two levels are connected, you THEN press M. If this doesn’t work read beholder (maybe it was cadavre’s) bigmap thread

I did all that.

You’re graal editor must be fucked. My old one wouldn’t load bitmaps so I deleted it and redownloaded the package
Btw u know nova? He’s my bud. Play igraal with my- EmoKat >:)

lol u wrong

go on editor, load bigmap, press m

You need to delete these lines from your file:


then at the bottom delete


and then your map will generate as described

i did that… can someone please come on and help us?


do you have:

if(playerenters||created){ setmap <leaveblank>,MAPFILE.txt,0,0; }