Many Baddies Only 1 Gani

im trying to make a new Baddy form scratch, but im not sure how i can make changes to the images in the gani so i can have many different look to my Baddy but only have 1 Gani.

i have diferent Heads, Legs, Arms… all the body parts i use to make it, i just need a way to switch them in game so you can tell by looking at the Baddy that this one i stronger, faster, thougher all that stuff.

anyone know how to do this??

Make an npc:

if(playerenters){ putnewcomp baddyname,x,y,imgname,power; }
i.e. for a custom blue soldier with 10 hearts spawned at 30,30 (more or less centered)

if(playerenters){ putnewcomp bluesoldier,30,30,my-new-baddy.png,10; }

[spoiler=Baddy Names]

umm not real what i was after, i already know how to use that code.

im after like NPC Baddies or Bomby Baddies, like how you setparts of the Gani to look different to how it is in the gani editor.

so i can make different sized ones with different movements that are made by ganis.

so i dont need a Gani file for each look.

Use ATTR1 or PARAM1 (up to ATTR9 or PARAM9 considering how the 10~30’s are borked) instead of using actual images in your sprites (eg: “ATTR2” instead of “picture.png”)

This will make the image easily replaceable…
For ATTR3, you do "setcharprop #P3,something.png;

For PARAMs, these are specialized to the Gani being sent.
setcharani gani,param1,param2,param3;

ok so i can make the Gani with the imgs i have, to get them in the right place.
then i edit the image to say ATTR1 or PARAM1 instead of image.png.

can i use ATTR 1 to 9 and PARAM 1 to 9, so i have 18 imgs to change?
using both “setcharprop #P1,image1.png;” and “setcharani baddygani,image10,image11,image12;”

also as 10 to 30 are blocked can you use 31 > ?

Yes I could use over 20 images that need changing?
I could have Gani for each version of my baddies but it would be better to do it this way i hope, also its good to know what can and cant be done with what i got to work with.

20 images is a bit overkill. Its possible to mix params and attrs, ATTRs will remain on the NPC, a PARAM is more of a ‘one time thing per time the gani is played’ though.

Graal is limited to 1~30, 10~30 are unavailable because the client is a bit funny.

ok well now i know the limit, i guess i will need to try to cut down on the number to edit, or just do it the hard way, but i think i would stick to using just ATTRs, sounds like alot of troubble to use PARAMs every time i play a walking gani or magic blast, even using a sword is tonnes of code no need to add more.

well thanks again for all your help and i hope some day all the work im putting in to my playerworld will be shown to you all.

Beholder / Nalin: Since he is working with NPCs is it important that the 10~30 are sent to the server? Can’t he just put them into onplayerenters and they will be sent to the client correctly?

Negitar you could make the param easier on yourself by mixing them with this.variables like so:

setstring this.customsword,blah.png;

setcharani swordidle,#s(this.customsword);
setcharani swordswing,#s(this.customsword);

and so on, that way when you need to change it you won’t have to make a lot of replacements in your script.

Good point Agret, at the moment all of this is just so i have it ready for when i make the guys, im crap at GFX so it will take some time to do them, for now what i have drawn up would stick out quite a bit on any playerworld, they dont look like they belong anywhere in graal.