Is someone able to provide a map with names of the towns, citys castles etc?
I’m going batshit crazy in circles and most of the time with no one around to watch the scene…

Have you tried pressing “m”?

Pj lol what r yo talking about bud

You’d be surprised to know this was probably never done before… wtf, Graalians?

Anyways, here’s one I did a little while ago using the God-awful Classic they were currently sporting. It was for a personal project, and I needed to gather as many names/landmarks as possible to put a little backstory into the world.

It’s probably not the same as what’s currently up, but you should be able to connect the dots. Some things just didn’t have names, so I came up with them myself, I think. Some of them aren’t named properly because I had to use the names currently in use(like Snow Town and the desert area).


Shiny: THANK YOU! This was exactly what I was talking about! My memory isn’t as good as many of the players, so this will help me by a huge amount.


Actually that map is the 2007 version. Late v4 to v5.

That’s why I said “they were.” I made the map a while ago, but it was definitely during v5 and not too long ago.