Mega Graal - An introduction.

[size=5][center]Mega Graal

The idea[/center][/size]

Mega Graal’s focus rests on singleplayer and community-based gameplay. The singleplayer gameplay aims to be a remake of your standard Mega Man game, with new levels, perhaps some new baddies, and new new new in general. Each level you play in singleplayer will be timed, sent to a highscore board, and stored on the server. Beating certain times and challenges will net you achievements, which can give you prizes, such as hats and other things. The community-based gameplay is a combination of the highscore list and co-op gameplay. The co-op gameplay will largely play like Mega Man, except with another player following you around. Clever, eh? Co-op times will also have a scoreboard and achievements to go along with them.

Along with the standard singleplayer and co-op modes, I aim to implement an “events” system, which would consist of different levels with different objectives, maybe a versus mode of sorts, capture the flag, the ideas are endless. Winning an event can net you some points to spend in a shop, where more hats can be bought as well as other weapons (That are restricted to the event modes, mind you, don’t want to ruin the highscore lists).

The first thing to implement will be the singleplayer mode. Next comes co-op. Finally, I’ll get the events done. The goal of the server is to create a competing community with times that always top each other, while maintaining the fun element for players that aren’t quite as skilled, which is where events, co-op, and achievements come in.


  • GAT ~ Easy work: Editing pre-existing spritesheets, ripping Mega Man tilesets into Graal tilesets, and creating hats. Hard work: Make Unixman.

  • LAT ~ You make levels, fool.

That’s all for now.


–Monday, August 31, 2009 @ 12:18 AM–

Intro sequence and menu system completed :slight_smile:

Log on to see it. If something, for whatever reason, seems to not work quite right, post about it below and I’ll fix it.

how would one do megaman levels anyways?

I for one, have a job…2…working on my server when i am bored…and whatever Realms/Cell wants done on G2K1…

right now…sleep the eternal sleep of the DEAD…>_> for a few hours at least

Mega Graal graphics are scaled by a factor of 2 when I rip them, so a four tile segment is the size it has to be. It looks more Mega Manish with that.

If you give me visual aids of your process I may be able to sit here like a robot and press buttons all day for you.

Copy -> Paste
Edit -> Resize -> Nearest Neighbor -> 200%
Save -> 8-bit png

Projectiles seem off while jumping. I’m guessing that you’re processing them before movement and such, which makes them always a frame behind. Dunno though, but it was really bugging me.

The size of the set screen cuts off the sides for me. :confused: sux

I like, but I can go into the blackness on the sides also. I really like what you have so far. I would offer to do levels, but i’m either drunk or hunting or working for a friend on his game now days.

I could possibly do a few levels though.

:redface: Projectiles have an 0.05 delay on all clients, because of the method I used to add them to other clients~ I’m planning on adding them directly into the player’s projectile array, which would fix the problem entirely.

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I’ve made a lot more progress, none of it is uploaded though:



Anybody with a good eye should notice these screens connect :stuck_out_tongue:

I have screen transitions added into it; ala when you hit the bottom of the screen it’ll slide to the next one, etc.

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Everything is 2:1 Megaman. The screen is the same as the resolution you would play on a NES.

I mean that I can’t see the fucking walls, newb.

It’s because the bigmap isn’t uploaded and frankly I don’t care since the lobby is going to get a major overhaul anyway.

blah i just want megaman

Actually he came make it so the sound effect plays when a shot is created.
Should make it when the buster shot is “off of the viewable screen” it gets removed, and there by, allowing more shots, instead of waiting for it to reach the end of the level.

Ya, I noticed that too. On the NES the existence of the projectiles was much shorter lived so the limit wasn’t that big of a deal. However since these projectiles live past the visible boundary, the limitation is much more apparent.

Also, the noise itself for shots seems very low.

Downsider has the “in-game” screensize “fixed”, so regardless, you’re going to have to wait till it reaches the end of the screen.

Well, what you see in the lobby is not going to be like that for long.

It’s more like real Mega Man now. You hit the bottom of the screen, you slide down to the next screen. The screen size is a fixed 32x28 container, and each “area” is also 32x28 tiles. The sound problems have already been remedied. Quick man’s stage is quickly (HARHAR) nearing completion, just need to write up Quick man himself and add in one more baddy (This guy). Finally, I have to tweak the timings of some sequences where the poles come out of the walls to kill you and gani the ladder climbing animation and I’ll ship it out then. After Quick man comes Heat man, then Crash man, then I’ll probably take votes on which next.

Make sure you can see the walls within the constraints.

Remember that Air Man can’t die, so it should be based on whether the player can survive two minutes.

Megaman server ROFL. It’s beautiful !