Micromon is a new Pokemon clone developed for iOS (with the Android version in the works). It offers 130 “Micromon” to capture, train, evolve, and battle with. It has a full complete offline campaign, with unnecessary in-App Purchases not required to finish the game in a short amount of time. The game does transfer your Micromon party for online battles through random matching (perhaps not the best at filtering appropriate opponents) and friend battles with the help of Game Center.

I was actually quite surprised at how solid and competent this game is although at no time did the developers tried to mask that this was a blatant Pokemon knock-off. I haven’t finished the main story yet but I spent a good 3-4 hours today playing it after I downloaded it. The music playing during battles really engage me (As mentioned before, this game is VERY solid.) and the combat feels just like Pokemon.

Anyways, if anyone has $0.99 laying around and would like to pick it up, I would be more than happy to play a few rounds with you. (I’m afraid to join a ranked battle until I finish the main game and my team is end-game. I read a lot of reviews about people being matched with teams that are double or even triple the levels of theirs.)

Fuck iOS and fuck playing games on a phone.

What’s wrong with being a bit more diverse with the platforms I play on?

I’ve been playing shogimon

Lol that’s how Spooon is. He is a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I’ll try the game :slight_smile:

i paid the $0.99 for it, but then i started reading the reviws how people said the only way to really do well is to buy in-app shit… so i stopped playing immediately

Yeah, but with iFunbox you can give yourself lots of diamonds and money(which i did). You don’t even need jailbreak. Also it’s the same with Android. You can connect to your phone, tablet to pc, and give yourself unlimited diamonds.

So you cheat to have fun in the game. Good game.

Cheating is fun

So the game isn’t fun, it’s just the cheating? Understood.

iGraal summed up

I beat it in two days w/o in-app purchases. Takes a while to max your team, but there’s no difference to that compared to Pokemon.

Unlike other games w/ in-app purchases, this game doesn’t shove them in your face and doesn’t ask you for them to continue. Plus the game gives lot’s of freebies and diamonds can easily be earned using BP gained from beating up newbies who bring in their low level teams online.

1v1 me.

If anyone else would like to battle, I’d be happy to :slight_smile: (Although my game has been experiencing a lot of issues with crashing even though I’m running on an iPhone 4 with most recent software.)