Minecraft/World Of Warcraft Server...no lie.

hey all.

I dont know if this is old news, but i found this crafting azeroth map thingy, then i did a little research. to explain it. ill give you some links here:


basically, its like almost scale of the world of warcraft …world. lol and it has like everything.

anyways, upon further research, i found something even more bad ass then downloading 24 gbs of minecraft world to play on.

…i found a minecraft server thats up with it lolol

its a tad laggy, has some plugins like /home and set home, /spawn, and teleports to each continent.

there is survival and adventure. im on survival as the adventure one is merely to just look at it. the survival one, you can build stuff in and yadaa yadaa.

im on it right now checking it out. i dunno who is up, but i thought id share the link. ill probably be playing here for a bit, just because its kind of neat.

you start in stormwind. at the entrance to the city.

umm umm. yeah.

so here is the site. and the server link. so far so good!


and the server address is: survival.craftingazeroth.com

im glittertoxin on there. let me know what you think. its huge. where should i live now? XD

EDIT: its really laggy. :\ now im trying to find a better one. cool to check out though.

I’ve seen this before, but I’d rather play WoW than Minecraft any day.

My cousin showed me this over the summer. It looks pretty awesome!

So thats what wow world looks like


Free to play, but not up to date. There is a Lich King server, and a Cataclysm server.

As for the server the topic is about, I will have to check that out.

I just put up a Minecraft server to play around with (it’s not 24/7 yet, but I do run it when I am home). I used 1.618 (which is Phi incase you didn’t know) as the seed and it generated a map that seems to have the layout of Earth in the center. You have the Americas to the west, and you have Europe/Asia/Africa to the east. No Austrailia to be found though…

I’ve been on several private servers. None of them have proper server code to allow things to function the way they’re supposed to.

i remember getting world of warcraft when the beta keys were out for vanilla. i was still beating down guardians in velious in everquest. i played wow for a bit. then it got really boring. one thing all these games are missing lately is loads of content and too fast level ups. not enough things to do between lv 1 and 80. its really silly. where as in everquest from what i remember, their was dungeons and stuff all over. and the levels were spread out a lot. like for example, around lv 20 you had like 30 different places with their own dungeons to go and languages to learn and skills etc. I used to go to the estate of unrest. you had to work your way through the court yards downing group mobs with groups. then you made your way into the estate which was huge. and a boss at the end. my point is, by the time you got to the boss in estate of unrest, it would take a solid week or 2 of grinding your way through the court yards, just to be a good enough level to enter the estate to start working your way through the floors.

oh the days when games were difficult. :slight_smile:

Most of what you described is just mindless “grinding”, which gets very boring. WoW has moved more toward a style where you do less of that (although the latest expansion has made it come back somewhat…) and more of actually playing your character. If you think it’s easy, participate in a heroic raid and you’ll soon be wondering how you said that.

My biggest problem is that without PvP, all of the challenging content requires a coordinated raid group, aka scheduled playing. That’s not fun, it’s like a job.

I play wow by avoiding it