Mini-Map tutorial?

I dont know how to make a mini-map :frowning:

resize a bigmap to an appropriate size, then set it with a script.

setminimap image,file,x,y;

The x and the y are the location the client will draw people who aren’t on the map.

I never knew that. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

neither did i .

Most people don’t. You not knowing it is absolutely no surprise.

neither’s you being a prick .>_<

Like a boss!

I knew it :slight_smile:

Good for you. I knew it too, just didn’t think it mattered.

What would the size be if i were to resize it?

like my ignorance of a minor detail ? not trying to start an argument , just making a point . :stuck_out_tongue:

be sure to have the right propotions. Doesn’t matter how small or big it is.

O_o Now how many girlfriends have said that to you?

None, but since you mention it, I’d suppose that each of your imaginary ones did.

None of 'em could make a sammich as good as the real ones though :[

I believe you should set transparency if you want it to look more clean, since there may be objects it would block.