Missing Graal: the Adventure

I was feeling rather nostalgic today, and looked back into Graal classic. I used to play back around 2004-2006ish, but fell off sometime after classic was axed to near oblivion. After poking through some forums I thought that the game was still up and running. I downloaded the pc client and somehow miraculously remembered my pw, but discovered that classic is now inaccessible. I understand there was some sort of problem between Thor and unix the eunuch that led to the server being shut down. I was hoping that there was still someone out there with some the old school server files. I’d love to play around in there again, even in an offline capacity if i must. Please advise.

NekoRoy’s Graal Site - An unofficial Graal fan site. - Playerworlds & Levels (archive.org)

i found this site, it has several old graal clients an server files for download check it out if u wanna play old graal

Hell of an archive, thank you. I’m sifting though clients, levels and servers, but how would i go about actually running it. Sorry, rather uneducated here.

you have to unzip the files after downlaod with 7zip then when u run the client just press f1 rest is self explainatory