Moderation and Professionalism in general....

I know this isn’t official Graal Online, but does that excuse the need for a professional environment? I see so much hard disk space wasted in completely idiotic and pointless spam here. Moderator’s are trolling kids and flaming threads themselves instead of keeping the forums clean and keeping people on topic. I don’t even post here much and it isn’t because I do not wish to help or contribute to the community, but rather because every time I plan to look through the posts to find someone in real need I have to sift through 100 other posts first due to lack of skills with a search button (the least of the 100 nonsense posts) and the more common stupidity “trolololol I’m a stupid six year old trying to trash the community” posts.

Why is it like this here?

It’s been like this for a while, simply for the reason “why not…”. Moderators do try keep everyone under control but there’s only so much they can do. Of those who do bother moderate they’re busy with things irl and therefore cannot dedicate the sufficient amount of time to keep everything in tight order.
I don’t really mind how things are, and nor should you… It’s all fun.

Haha ya im not upset about it, was just curious… whelp… guess it’s time to clean my flamethrower

You’re a faggot.

get out.

Why would we take you seriously after your other posts. The community is fine. Fine as in no one wants to change it, so it must be okay.

wow…well cya ingame on a server maybe? im cool on these forums though

What are you doing to help? Have you made a single level, npc, graphic? Have you ran any websites, forums or hosted files? Have you donated even one peso?
Have you ran a single game server using your own computers and bandwidth? If you can’t say yes to any of those questions then you should start doing those things or shut your piehole.

My motto is “If you think you can do better then please do it”

The only troll with idiotic and pointless spam I see here is you Mr. DJRehab

If you actually bothered to read these forums you will notice threads are closed or deleted quite often and appropriately and there are many useful and helpful topics in several forums.
If anything the problem here is people do not post often enough.

If you are saying GraalOnline is a professional environment then you have no credibility and I am laughing at you, unless your definition of professional is a ultra fascist censored and racist environment where paid accounts get banned for having avatars of Martin Luther King and Booker T. or for asking a simple question.
We don’t want to be anything like GraalOnline or your definition of “professional” whatever the hell that is.
If you can contribute then please by all means do so, but if you can only whine and troll then don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

I like how the community is.

like Goatse said What are you doing to help? Have you made a single level, npc, graphic? Have you ran any websites, forums or hosted files? Have you donated even one peso? , you just reclaim for well done things and beautiful threads for everyone but i dont see that you do something to help or to make them thats not the way to start here througth

You’re not really in any position to complain unless you have something of worth under your belt. Try your hand at helping out one of the playerworlds, you’ll find plenty that need help. Lots of help. Like a defibrillator. To the heart. Repeatedly.

the only thing that needs to change is the fact that there are three “free gserver hosting” threads. as a result, we have saturated ourselves with empty servers, and no one works together.

Quite honestly it’s either Riley is OVERQUALIFIED for his job, or that there just isn’t quite as much spam/bs as you’re going on about DJ.

of course riley is over qualified. a monkey is over qualified. moderating here isn’t a job. it’s a favor.

Let’s make a thread about everyone coming together to make a community server and halt progress on all the smaller servers.

literally the only thing i have ever asked for

Tired and failed:

he wanted a level per person or something. i proposed that each person make a small town and 1 quest. that didnt work either.

That level thread was so funny, I had fun messing it all up with my big dirty cliffs >=)

I agree. Riley is a cunt.

I actually stalked you guys while I was “inactive” was randomly browsing the forums and didn’t think that was a bad idea. Shame you guys had to troll it.

yes. Me, the ruiner of all threads, hated to see that project die.