Moderation: March 14th, 2013

You will notice that we’ve slimmed down the number of moderators on the forum. This is due in part to the number of inactive player-worlds, such that their moderators no longer are necessary, as well as simply having unnecessary Moderators (considering the low-traffic, low volume forum this is). For posterity sake, should for any reason we get a tyrant moderator or Super Moderator I’ve written up a moderator constitution of sorts that will serve as the guidelines for Moderators to follow. This also serves the purpose of letting the community know what they can expect from their Mods. I’ve personally sought out opinions on this such that if there were any major flaws in this constitution they would be pointed out to me. This will probably not affect our day-to-day happenings on Graal Reborn at all, but it’s better to have it around than to not. With that said please take a second to look over these guidelines:
A Guide to Moderation

A moderator’s job consists of the following duties:
1.) To enforce and comply to the forum rules (see:
2.) To moderate free of personal feelings for a poster/topic.
3.) To be respectful of forum users/rules/policies
4.) Keep threads on topic*.
5.) Regulate posts that may exhibit offensiveness/flame/racism/porn/or posts that may be egregiously disrespectful.
6.) Regulate posts with good judgement**.

A moderator may not:
1.) Tamper with posts in anyway that would change the original posters intent.
2.) Delete posts without sufficient reasoning.
3.) Abuse moderating power in violation to the forum rules.

Violations those rules could result in a termination or referendum on the moderator.
Termination defined as Moderator removal by Administrator.
Referendum defined as Moderator removal by popular vote by forum members, provided that there is a clear violation of the rules by the Moderator in question.
Administrators may replace Moderators as seen fit.

* This should be seen as a passive duty (i.e. very light enforcement). It is not the case that a Moderator should keep every post on topic. Rather, in certain circumstances a Moderator may choose to redirect conversation back to the topic, especially at the request of the Original Poster. Deleting posts to keep thread on topic is discouraged. A moderator should first attempt to communicate a re-railment of the thread; a warning(s) that further posts may be deleted. Deletion should be used as a last resort method of keeping threads on-topic. After all, a moderator by definition is a arbitrator or mediator; the moderators first job is to work out a solution, not simply delete posts.

** Just as people can be insensitive on a forum so too can people be overly sensitive. It is the job of the moderator to use his/her judgement; Too much regulation is restrictive, too little is chaotic.