Modern Server

I am going to devote my time from being unemployed in my current state to working on a modern server, im trying to get ahold of loakeyronso and a few other people in this community to start ,
We need ideas,

I don’t want a era clone , nothing like era , I want missions, stuff like that …

Lets get this ball rolling…

We need a tileset to begin with , leave the scripting to me …

Any ideas anyone ?
I know loakeyronso had some ideas that i actually liked ,
I don’t want it to be another era clone ,

I want it to be a collaboration as i noticed i cant get it all done by myself,
Anyone in ?
anyone who can bring something to the table …

I will be devoted to this project

lets get the ball rolling …
Im serious about this , please be serious and no spam please lol haha

airplanes and parachutes

I could make you an aeroplane, pretty simple, no onwall detection. Only problem is how you wanna handle landing and taking off

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Stray npcs that shoot at you when your walking in the streets depending on who you choose to be friends with, say if your friends with the americans the chinese shoot at you, vice versa, etc…

sounds right haha

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maybe it was never meant to be

im just wondering, how in depth do you wanna go, are you going to have a story, a run around and do random jobs for everybody server or both. Also will you have an economy and the ability to craft items.

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I rekon those cda graphics could be useful for this project

definately a story, missions and stuff , economy is going to have to be brainstormed

something like mafia wars if anything, just 2d zelda style haha

what’s CDA? where can i get the graphics, searched but couldn’t find anything

you must chose to receive messages, i cannot send them to you

i like a lot of your ideas i just couldn’t find ya , we should collab

Loakey has ideas? Pfft.

i have ideas. I dont care anymore about graal (Even though im on iphone graal era+ casually :P) Im ALL JACKED UP ON SKINS!