Well, we decided to show some stuff of Momento. Many of you guys may have visited us some no.
Sorry by taken Phoenix thread style. i guess it is well organized.

I got some fellows of old projects i’ve had in greborn to join this project. The server has been online for 4-5 days. we’ve been working in the layout of the levels, in details, some essencial graphics, scripts, and hiring quality staff members. The server started with Nyx, Zeus, and i. Right now we have 7 staff members. All have been working excellent.

Islands: Momento islands is a group of 6 islands.
The main island is “Great Island”: There you’ll find special buildings like gobernment palace, the Bay, Great Spar Arena, etc. It is like the capital. The main island.
Apyros island: It is more like a peaceful island. Veterans and old people go to live there. It is more like a residential island.
Crest island: It is a hawaii-themed island. there’ll be a volcano in the center of the island. it is like the god for the people that live there.
Faraway island: It is a “magic” place. there you’ll find gnomes, elfs, dwarfs, ogres, castles, etc. you’ll be able to get magical weapons and potions.
Tribute island: It is going to be an island with many misteries related to death people, dracula, etc. there’s going to be the cementery.
Savage Island: A island dominated by baddies. To enter it you’ll need to have a bandana. there’s going to be one small city surrounded by baddy hideouts.

Right now we have small info about towns. we’ll release more info soon.

Travel: Our overworld is really big (400+ levels ). it is ment to be really big. we want players to don’t get tired of same places. We have in mind quests that will make player to move from one island to another in order to do the quest.

Eroz (Owner)
Nyx (LAT Admin)
Zeus (LAT Admin)
CallMeShuey (LAT)
Nadine (GFX Admin)
Raman (NAT)
Urza (part-time NAT).
Hides (NAT)


Sorry by having small info. soon we’ll release more.

i don’t like the outside design,i could say is decent but i don’t like it.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks :slight_smile:

The project looks nice. However, big teams tend to fall apart quickly and squabble, I think.

Good luck.

This server is far from being ready to play on. The levels need a lot of work. Also why are you copying Evi with Atlantis tiles?

To be exact we worked on it 3 days, and the team don’t stop to grow and get experience, I think we can do a nice project and have fun developing, all staff are nice to eachothers so I guess we can do something really good :slight_smile:

When I said to add trees, that’s not what I meant.

Godspeed! I’m always overjoyed to see new projects start to bloom. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Rone !

I agree with rone, it’s nice to see others trying to construct playerworlds. However, it might be worth taking some time out to build the fundamentals of development so as to create a better end product. Also, you’ll get on alot better with a smaller more condensed map. Which you can expand with time. Just focus on manageable things first though.

Don’t post a thread until you’ve got something to show for it.

“Don’t post a thread unless you’ve got something to show for it” I swear, most of you are picking up the annoyance attitude of spooon.

He posted images of the server. That’s SOMETHING even if it’s not a lot, it takes time to make much more. It’s also called a server plan. Planning out for something is important to the construction of a game/server. Don’t be a bigot. Seriously, people quit because of that crap >.>

They can’t even connect trees. They aren’t worthy of a thread.!


I know, I was worse than them. But eventually I did make some decent stuff. It takes some trolling to become a good dev.

You mean practice there right… If not: heh.

Sorry Dylan if we don’t please you enough for now, we try to improve everything in the server! I hope you will like it in the future if you don’t like it in the present :slight_smile:

Oh the ol’ project. Since we’ve been talking on reviving GR, I decided to continue Momento. I lost all files, but I think of that as an advantage to make things better :).

Now I need to have a map to develop content on it, and can’t decide which one to use. So far as I have no staff team, I need lots of feedback.


So, the first image is the first map I used for Momento and I think few of you saw how it was when the server was online.
The second image is another map I worked on.
The third image are both images together making a 2 continent-style.

So, tell me what you think, and which map you think would fit the best :slight_smile:


PD: I remember Twiggy giving me the Atlantis tileset which was pretty nice. Does anyone have it?

…been meaning to ask
you know it’s memento right?

that aside, good to hear

If I’m not wrong, Memento is a movie and has some meanign in japanese when it is Memento Mori or something like that.
But If you read right, you can see the server is named Momento.

lel too much Persona 3 I see. ‘memento mori’ is Latin for “remember your mortality”. Which pretty much means basically everyone dies at some point.


[quote]Word Origin and History for momento

a misspelling, or perhaps variant, of memento.

It’s not that important I guess but just pointing it out

Also for the maps I guess the second map (more developed one) is better but only if you horizontally flip the island on the right