Well since we are posting abuse weapons, here’s one!

if (created || playerenters){ setimg kondies_staffblock.gif; setshape 1,32,32; } if (playertouchsme && strequals(#g,Admin)){ toweapons Staff Block; } if (weaponfired){ putnpc ,staffblock.txt,int(mousex),int(mousey); //int rounds off the x and y so that its not .1872189712 and so on }

That script is awful. Could be much simpler.

That’s why Tricxta scripts on Xialza.

As soon as I tell you I’m making one…you post one…

Coincidental O.o

Mine is better anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Not posting it here.

And maybe I’m new so I don’t get it, but why not have the
“if (leftmousebutton || rightmousebutton && strequals(#g,Admin)){
part from the staffblock file in the weapon itself? And use triggeractions on mousex and mousey and then define destroy as destroy in the file? Not criticizing, just trying to learn :slight_smile:

Because the way I did is much easier… It detects if you are staff and then if you are and you click on the block, the block destroys. Also:

if (playertouchsme && strequals(#g,Admin)){ toweapons Staff Block; }

Is different from:

if (leftmousebutton || rightmousebutton && strequals(#g,Admin)){ destroy; }

Erm, talking about the script in the .txt file, not the weapon scriptO.o But thanks anyway, and the image isn’t bad either!

if you want an abusive script that can cause problems, go get that cheat script I use as staff ring. spamming levels with mobs, bombs, rupees, etc can cause a lot of problems :stuck_out_tongue: