More sword power ?

Hey all , i need help .

How to add more sword power ? (i need 30)

and i have maked a script , but it’s impossible to change the swordpower :frowning:

doesn’t work

Thanks for your help

players.swordpower = 2;

that should work.

Merry Deathmas.

Doesn’t work …

[HTML]setimg ravalsword1.png;
if (playertouchsme) {
toweapons Armes/Sword;
if (weaponfired) {
setplayerprop #P2,zodiac_trainingsword1.png;
replaceani walk,zodswordwalk;
replaceani idle,zodswordidle;
replaceani sword,zodswordattack1;
players.swordpower = 2;

players[ index ].swordpower a player’s sword power (1-normal sword,2-axe,3-lizardsword,4-golden sword)

You’re probably better off using triggeractions to deal the damage to the players. I’m sure there’s some examples on here somewhere of how to use triggeractions.

Create a system NPC with all the if (actionswordHit) shit pass a few paramaters to it like the damage the player will take and perhaps even special abilities like freeze time so you can have customizable attack effects etc. Just an idea.

Also if you’re doing this on a server you may need to change the server config shit to allow high level swords, but I dunno if you can go beyond 4. Hence the trigger actions.

setsword image,swordpower;

warning: sword1.png sets it to 1 power as does sword 2 3 and 4.

yea , but i need +30 sword power or a damage system :confused:

We just told you, you need to set your sword power past 20 in the server options, that way you can set it past 20.

The client doesn’t allow anything past 20 sword power and 32 shield power.

Okay, well then he will definately need a triggeraction system (custom made by him of course unless someone wants to be his slave :whatever:) They are really easy to make Trakan, you just need some research!

I say he needs to start working with what he has so he can advance further from it. You don’t give a monkey a chainsaw and expect advanced works of art from them.

Yeah, you’re right about that, but it’s hardly advanced!

But he doesn’t know the usages or difference between variables, and strings -_o

Haha, sometimes even I don’t! I kinda know the difference though!

What’s he need that much power for anyway? Just set it to 20 and make it spit out beams of instant death.

He’s trying to make a Zodiac system. Also, if he wants a Zodiac kind of system, he’s going to have to make custom swords, armor, and shields to reduce damage. x_x If he can’t handle this, I-I don’t know how he’s going to do it.

Hurr hurr hurr If I joined this would be Zytixia v2!