I’m about halfway done with the mountain and will be starting on the volcano part soon. I figure we’ll have a snow area at the top of the mountain and at the base of the volcano.

Here is a screenshot of where I started on the mountain.

I was talking to Marlon yesterday and we’re going to make it taller. Feel free to use the levels for learning. Cliffs are hard to do with out looking at some ones work the first time or two. (I actually had to pull out some of my really old levels to see how I used to do them.)

I’ll upload the levels I’ve done tonight so you can take a look at the tiles. (They can be hard to find in the tileset.)

I can make some pretty neat cliffs.

I have a thread with my cliffs somewhere in the Levels area.

I just looked at the level. The cliff isn’t bad the way the two layers join together isn’t typically considered the proper way to do them. However that’s a relatively minor thing that’s easy to fix.
I can always use help… if you like you can do the inside of the volcano… .basically you’ll just be doing a cliff inside my cliff that faces inwards and we’ll put lava in the bottom of it along with some odds and ends. You can leave the floor as just plain grass tiles for the moment though as I’ll probably want to set that up a specific way.

Can you follow a pattern similar to this in style?

The second screenshot isn’t finished and that’s why the detailing isn’t done properly in the upper right.

You can see how I joined the cliffs together and that I use all three sand tiles along with the red stones sparingly. I think on the inside of the volcano rather than using green grass like I have we might add some patches of dead grass.

You can see the general shape of the volcano in the map I generated.

Graal Reborn PW is going very well. :slight_smile: It only took 3-4 years for it to actually start develop. ;D

I meant the pattern I used in the cliffs. It’s moderately difficult to do if you don’t know where the tiles are.

Right, I didn’t mean to trivialize the difficulty of doing those cliffs. Either way the difficulty is about the same and cliffs are one of the more challenging things to do properly. (Not to mention they can be time consuming.)

I have an idea for the inner ring of the volcano area I’ll show later.

Cliffs are one of the more easy tasks in the graal editor. Sure if you don’t know where certain tiles are, it can make everything more difficult.

I would say making your own patterns is more difficult. . . . then again, that doesn’t explain a lot. lol
Eh, maybe someone will get what I mean. Anyways!
Not bad . . xD

I didn’t realize anyone was actually working on the GR playerworld. 0.0
Good luck!

Catch you all around . . now and then.

It’s easy to make cliffs it’s hard to make cliffs that look really good.

You should save your badass cliffs into the objects section of the editor and post em on here so people can rip em off :stuck_out_tongue: Graal needs more cliff…and to a lesser extent, cowbell.

I guess I could do that.

Actually I went ahead and finished the mountain last night well mostly finished it. So it would probably be better to start you on another project if you’re interested in helping.

What are your strong/weak areas in level making? What do you like/hate?

To who is this directed?

To you. I have a fairly small desert that needs to be worked if you’re interested. I’m thinking a small oasis with a couple of pyramids at the opposite end for a quest.

I like making the large groups of trees, making the cliffs, and working with grass tiles. I hate inside levels <.<

Right now the two projects I have open are as follows:

A forest quest/maze. Consisting of 10 levels or more, you can have a small stream if you want but try not to do any deep rivers in it. You can make it a maze as in an actual maze or random warps to different levels until you find the right one. Try to see if you can work in any puzzles or anything else that would make the quest fun. The bigger and more fun it is the better.

The other option is a desert with a small oasis on one side an a couple of pyramids at the other side. Using a combination of cactus, dead grass tiles and a few cliffs. I can take care of the inside of the pyramid quest if you don’t want to do that part.

I’ll happily take the forest maze. I’ll be wiping my drive as soon as I get all the drivers I need, so I’ll work on it after that.

Alright you basically have complete control for how it’s developed. It’ll be in the forest which will be accessed from a building high up in the tree tops. So there is no need to make an actual entrance to it. Just try to go for the fun factor when making it.

Graal fun!? Pfft get out of here!

Just as a follow up how is the progress comming with the forest maze?