Since there is no SFX thread :stuck_out_tongue: hey.

Okay, does the current version of graal we use support .Mp3 files, and if yes then how big can it be ?

yes, as for the size i haven’t hit a limit yet so i would assume there isn’t one

I dunno the size limit…but when I was using mp3’s its caused alot of lag due to each player downloading large files. Try and keep em’ small.

Small, short and simple would probably be the way to go here. :slight_smile:

most people let the mp3 stream from the internet instead of their computer…

I used too…still had lag issues…so I removed all music entirely:)

actually i have still found a few . i just haven’t had time to remove them as I’ve been busy plotting , planning and building .

I notice with playing downloaded midi files, the client stalls for 1 second.
When you’re streaming an mp3 file, the client stalls for 1~3 seconds depending on the source.
Playing downloaded mp3s doesn’t have a noticable delay.

All mp3’s, either as “play” or “playlooped”, all get turned into looping music files.
Which kind of sucks to have it forced as music, because that means no mp3 based sound effects (more compression).

Oh man, shall I just stick with Midis then?

Considering Wav’s are just to large if you ask me. o:

Stick with midis unless you have a good upload rate and know your users have a decent download rate. Also helps to try and compress things as much as possible anyway.

Such as, higher compression codecs/filetypes.
Saving an image with as small as a palette as possible, (eg: If it only uses 16 colors, save it with a 16 color palette, not 256~64million)

while on the topic of sounds, anyone know any good applications for creating Sound Effects or Tunes??

i have no bases to work from so it needs to be all done by the program its self.

Could also go the route of having an external music pack download from another site so there is no stress of downloading mp3s on the server itself.

Sound Effects are a f**king pain in the ass.
Having a decent microphone and some novelty tricks and various crap around the house to record from are good sources, other than that, google, and butcher the fuck out of 'em.

RPG Maker’s SFX pack, while a good source… Anytime I hear those SFX I want to slit someone’s throat, they’re over used.

FruityLoops, a very good music making program; Once you figure out how to use it.

if the music is pre-downloaded, then there is no delay right? then have a music pack uploaded…

can someone give me a mp3 player script or a juke box or a basic mp3 randomizer? would be nice to play certain…music genre for certain seasons (Trans Siberian Orchestra during christmas time)


Graal cannot handle playlists (m3u), however, it can handle streams.
Playing a streamed file freezes the client until it is loaded.