MSPaint Adventures Epic Act3 Ending

end of act 3

Wouldn’t stop loading >:O

Made me think of “The Sims” on Acid.
What with the long loading times, and some cursor moving shit around and fucking up their lives.

What the fuck did I just watch?

haha! You watched it!

if you followed the Homestuck story you would know what the stuff is about, the file is Flash and it takes a while because its big (which is why its on a seperate host instead of mspaintadventures)

the cursor moving stuff around is part of Sburb, it interacts with the other person’s environment (moving objects basicly)

was there sound to it? i dont have speakers.


yes Pyro, a really good music score, which makes it all the more awsome

awww… too bad i can’t hear it. :frowning:
didn’t even watch the whole thing either…

Reminds me of

no it doesnt

well that was a trip

Why is that on Youtube?