I’m doing the quest to stop Jugal from destroying an island or something, and i need a password to deactivate some force fields, I found the scrap of paper saying MULDR - This person must not be able to spell…, and I’m stuck. Idk if I’m to stupid to rescramble the words In order (which I have but there’s nothing that sounds with with that damn L) I’d like some help if anyone still comes here…

Press M, Up, Left, Down, Rirght

6 - Zorbi Ring - Next, return to the foreman, who by now has finished clearing the rocks. Jump down the cliff and into the well. Once inside, head up and touch the laser to read the message. How head up, and take the left path. Use the Bruges bird to flip the switches to open the doors then walk into the blue circle here, a teleporter. Once teleported take the top door, and go across the converor belots and touch the computer screen. Leave and this time take the right door. Touch the computer screen, then press M, up, left, down, right.Next, use the Bruges Bird to push a bomb across to flip the switch, then blow up the switch above you with another bomb. Run past the lasers and touch the screen. Leave the room and take the door on the left. Examine the machine at the left - it is the Titan Engine. It Seems Ayla is going to blow up the place! Run back to the front room, or die and re-enter the well. Head up and take the right path this time, go through the airlock, and get the zorbi ring!

Graal the adventure is so complete it could be on gamefaqs.