Multi user scenes with individual npc movement


Can anyone tell me what approach to use for creating scenes out of several npcs using move to x y that would need to restart positions every time a player enters, in cases where there are multiple players entering? Should I:
A. Make multiple maps of the same scene as instances
B. Limit to 1 player sessions per level at a time with a loading queue
C. Produce text files and add the npc and show local to allow multiple users in one level viewing the same scene at different parts
D. Something else I haven’t thought of?

Also as an update, everything is looking great, very short list to complete to launch, only major step is smoothing and polishing levels, and determining the above for scenes. Awesome jetpack, lightsabers look great, good cut scenes and linear plan and solid base for the game. More to mention but will just wait until releasing it.

Thanks guys, will have this ready and live before september.


have it multiplayer, but make the npc violently remove any players that enter the level that isnt the leader.


I’ll add that on scenes with lots of npcs for one side when members of the opposing side enter the level.


Or is leader may work actually… That makes sense. Thanks Hosler.


Just use the singleplayer feature… and have that level kick players from the opposing side if need be.


This was done on classic 2001 for the intro I believe.


Do you guys know what the script for the singleplayer feature, or intro are? I couldn’t find info on either. Thanks.




Check the readme that came with the gserver…


ok thanks guys