Multiple servers

Restarting / Shutting down individual servers ran by the same binary would be swell. It’s starting to get pretty frustrating running a server when 1 out of 6 needs to be restarted for some reason.

Also ip-configuration and port configuration should be available in the servers.txt instead. Makes migrations of servers easier as you don’t need to edit each individual serveroptions.txt-file.

something like this:

total_servers = 2 server_1 = Harmonia server_1_ip = AUTO server_1_port = 14801 server_1 = Graal2001 server_1_ip = server_1_port = 14802 server_1 = Graal Classic server_1_ip = server_1_port = 14803

I’ll admit the logic for that had always confused me, its fine and dandy, but its a bitch to debug and handle the servers individually.
But I suppose the option is there, “you don’t have to host them all on one console”

a RC command to restart a server would be nice. least for those of us who are not hosting our server and have to ask the person who is to do it for us.

Yeah, that would be nifty.

Well in the case of hosting a single server, a batch file + /shutdown works well as a restarter.

it’s easier to update one binary than 6 individual. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about putting ip and port in the servers.txt though?

sorry but ive been doing it for years, i think it makes it easyer to ready so you dont miss a period here and there or a ,. <----see how that works out.

What the?

i dont like to type out comma when i can just drop one of the ,'s .

Then at least wrap the son of a bitch in quotes o_o

then everyone would be able to understand it . and whats the fun in it if you dont make them work for it ?

Our point exactly. You should go work for it.

You are awesome, Nalin! I hope you know that already. :smiley:

Yeah, I noticed that. Along with like 5 more commits with bugfixes and stuff. I’ll recompile my binary tomorrow when people are not playing or working on any of the servers I’m hosting. :slight_smile: