Muscular Ferengi!

Manly povertized guy is manly! (・ヮ・)


Noice broh.

it looks like his feeling his stomach o.0 very manly…

I edited ferengi.gif to this for a project based on the old graal… About how
[spoiler]FUNG SI YUAN SUICIDES![/spoiler]

Also, [spoiler]use /spoiler tags![/spoiler]

at first I thought he was grabbing his balls 0_0

Obviously He’s offering us some Rice.

he grab his man tits is what he grabs.Extremely manly.


In the original, it looked as though he can hold something like a goldrupee.
Only this time, he dual-wields his stomach and another object if someone were to portray it.
Oh, and he’s left-handed.