Mushroom NPC

Okay, I understand the subject of this thread is a bit scanty to warrant a whole thread, but I was wondering (anyway), by happenstance, if anyone had a image for the mushroom or a similar one to the mushroom in pics1.png.

I want to use the mushroom in levels, but since it is a blocking tile it causes more of a headache than any aesthetic quality I could possibly hope to get from it.

I understand that I could probably mange this feat myself in GIMP, but I was really hoping somebody had it in a folder already.

Its more efficient to just place mushroom npcs rather then writing a script to manage it…

I’d rather have npc mushrooms then having to make a custom movement system anyday… maybe if its was more then just mushroom tiles you would bother with a script but not for something like this, anyway its not as if mol is going to use that many mushrooms, he knows better

Or just put the mushroom tiles over non-block tiles like the golden stair tiles or lava/snow tiles.

It wouldnt be pics1 then, would it know…

Well, the truth of the matter is that the NPCs will be fine. I understand the wealth of solutions to the mushroom-blocking dilemma, but I have chosen the NPC route.

However, does anyone know if there are different mushroom NPC’s out there? More precisely, the red and white toadstools? I think I’ve seen them in a different tileset, but I can’t remember which one. Does anyone know about this?

I’d only consider making them npc’s if there was some kind of job to collecting them for potion making or something .

NPCs don’t show up until you’re in the same level. I tend to stay away from NPCs-for-tiles for that reason.


However, keeping in mind that most people play Graal in the small window, by the time one crosses a level-warp the NPCs load and it’s a pretty insignificant change even if one does notice. Furthermore, these are just minor details in levels.

Mostly, I’m being lazy. I know.

Also, I really appreciate how this thread about mushrooms has gotten so much attention. This forum is really striving for some action. :stuck_out_tongue:

We just like you.