Music anyone


post your favorite music here




Tool, Flogging Molly and Dropkick’s some other bands also, but they are the main ones I listen to. Youtube them yourself you fucks. I don’t feel like linking.



I love you.


I don’t have a favorite. But this one is good to make people cringe.


That was fucking halarious!


None of you could ever dance as good as this.

Dig it.



I like this kind of music. That and some techno, and rock, also some japanese pop and rock. Its hard but Nujabes is my root.


Also [Youtube]UgMjVxk1iYU[/Youtube]


Now, these i’ve been listening to quite a bit over the last few weeks


its like a dubstep and rock mixed into a little thing we call jizz :munch:


i made it


A little show of the variety of my tastes.

And then, I realized and even all these can’t properly express my musical interests. I’ll take anything but punk (And any flavor thereof), black metal, twang country and gangster rap. Fuck that shit.


I could go on forever O.o


Ha, great animation on the last one.


I like that last one, Dontar.



Home Made Kazoku Ftw.