Music anyone











New track I made last night. :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to the new NIN album lately.


That seriously sounded as if I was listening to Closer…


Not sure if someone has posted this yet, but it’s seriously awesome



I listen to a variety of classic rock bands such as Queen, The Beetles, etc. but I also like Alternative rock such as Coldplay. I also like The Fray, Snow Patrol, Greenday, and lot’s of other bands.

Here are some of my favorite songs.

Queen Songs

Coldplay Songs

Lots of other songs too, but just those to name a few.


Nice! I’m about there, classic/hard/alternative rock do it for me.
I lean towards The Rolling Stones, The Who, Dire Straits… but Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite:

oh and:



I recently got into Pirate Metal…


Wtf is pirate metal?


If you listened to that song, you’d know. Lol

I like this.


Alright I do like that pirate metal. I have been listing to dubstep mostly tut tut child. Because I personly know him.


The most Canadian song ever


don’t underestimate us Canadians. We’re raised by grizzly bears. Also you should probably nerf Maple Syrup bcus that shit makes us OP.


Produced by me. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I don’t like your canadian song.

Sorry, I said that before listening; it’s good, actually.