I’ll try and compose some tracks for the levels. :slight_smile:

Bah, I’m a musician, and I’d like to be a little creative and make some new tracks so we don’t just rip off the old tracks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds cool :]

It’d be cool if everything stayed with the 8-bit style, though. Maybe a remix of the intro, ya know? I did always think Mega Man 3’s was the best intro xP

Mega Man 2 has the best intro. And yes, of course it’ll stay 8bit~ish. Not too much will stand out from 8bit

Ahhh cool. I like it. As far as 8-bit goes, I don’t really mean it should have the same limitations as the NES was capable of, for instance, even though tiles in Mega Graal are 32x32, there may be a section where there’s a 32x32 tile with a 16x16 offset. I just want it to sound/look/play similar, yet not be restricted by what the older devs were restricted by.

yeah, I feel ya. But don’t go all Megaman 3 on it with all the spaced out extras. I like the simplicity of Megaman 2. :Z

oo I never played Mega Man 3. I just like the intro.

I was gonna link there too, lol.

I’m pretty sure Cadavre wanted to make original music. :confused:

Buy me one then. Or a MIDI-NES. google it.

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What part of “making my own music” don’t you understand?

The problem with VGMusic is that the songs are fan made.

Problem with Midis is that Graal has a different audio channel for them.
I keep all of my audio around 3% (because my spaztic subwoofer needs to crank everything so the volume doesn’t flucuate). But when there’s a midi playing… Well, lets just say its loud and shakes the room till I figure out a method to fucking mute it.

Preview of what I’m working on. Give me some thoughts. Negative criticism only if it’s constructive in any way.

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Anyone wanna buy me one of these perhaps?:

Bro, that shit’s hot!

The all share the same f**king loops D:
Makes me think of one of those LJN games. o_o

the loops are different, you should hear that if you’re not tonedeaf. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s atleast 3 loops, they’re still the same, adjusted in volume. Overlapping in different sequences.

Why are they wav’s?

because they’re previews and I didn’t bother to convert them to mp3.

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I’m not done yet. I’ll add changes to the melodies.

This is just the base… the foundation of the actual tune. And it sounds different when the instruments combine different ways.