My feets are cold.


Nice, I really like the Left building’s back. I also like the forest (Top right) detail.
The only thing I didn’t like was the “Straight” path (road) but that can’t be helped. I only took off .5. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, yeah I tried not to detail too much or do anything crazy. ;D

Looking better, inconsistency with the cliff style though.
| | | |
__/\| vs __|_|
__\/ __|/

Now it doesn’t look like UN; it looks like Aeon.

Regardless, its an improvement. Lol

Sk’s stuff doesn’t look like this! Not entirely…

What’s that? SwedishKing’s levels look that this? I must say that I agree.

I agree with Beholder and Spooon, decreasing your grass detail makes it look a lot better.

its good, i think that the road looks too strait. i dont really like strait roads.

There seems to be a lot of personal preference, save yourself the hassle and just take the most annoying guys advice

So, no straight roads? LOL


looks good gave it 5 out of 5. when I make a level I try to make consistent things not so consistent. Roads are roads no matter how you have it and their pretty consistent through out a playerworld. I’d say try to dull up the road with the surrounding environment, keeping it straight or not is your choice but to mess with the consistency of a road is your best bet when it comes to towns. Any road near towns or castles I make them a bit more fancier but small buildings or anything out in the middle of nowhere I change up the road look a bit. Keep in mind we’re viewing the roads in a different perspective, so in this perspective looknig down on the road inconsistency is nice.

Besides that environment factors plays a part as well. Again that’s up to the maker of thy lvl.

You said more fancier. Fix your grammar.

Thanks guys, anymore advice that could please your eyes more with levels?

Why? the corners of those streets are sometimes rounded.

Still rather strait.

Even so that’s not a “modern” world so to speak. :stuck_out_tongue: I will agree though if you head into a city or urban area the streets are pretty straight. :slight_smile:

Unlike the hookers.