My first outside level (Finished)

So yes this is my first level so don’t take it to harshly of how ugly it is. If you have any tips for me please post them below!


New pictures!


-The level looks incredibly symmetrical.
-That type of road looks pretty bad on beaches.
-The desert tiles on a beach make no sense.
-The level in general looks rather flat.
-It feels like there should be a bit more to look at in the level.
-I don’t like the tileset.
-You could’ve used the thread you originally made.

To add to onijustin’s points

-No detail on the grass

This is evora tile set were planning on adding more “detail” and more things to the tile set right now thats all we got. :smiley:

I added 2 new pictures.

Also if the picture is bad quality. I have no clue why it is.

1.Try making the floor for the interior level look straight (with a few rifts here and there), like this:


  1. Also, the walls are hideous, try following what I did for the walls in the attachment above :slight_smile:
  2. The rooms are a bit small, and it feels like you stuffed things here and there (crates, barrels…),
    try coming up with a concept for each room= Bedroom, Bar, Meeting Area…etc…

Welcome to Ram’s Bar! (Finished.) [ATTACH=CONFIG]3661[/ATTACH]

EW take his shield off…


setcharprop #2,shield1.gif;


setcharprop #2,no-shield.png;

Much better compared to the last ones, keep it up!

Improved in less then a day! Lol

learn to use the original tileset before you dick around with a new one.

edit: no seriously do it. Any LAT worth anything knows how to use it.

I understand where ur coming from. This is the Evora tile set (the server). I thought I give a shot at the Evora tile set then move on to the default. I wanted to use Evora first because its a lot more limited which means more simipler to use.

He’s been informed. :slight_smile:
Whatever he chooses to do after is his decision.

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LOL. I never use it.

There’s still hope, he’s got Chrome pinned as well.
Maybe he’s a Web Designer and uses IE to test the compatibility of his websites?

I use to make websites.



Guys, I know how to make these levels look like diamonds…


only retards use IE, but if you want your websites to appeal to retards I guess you’re on the right track