My Graphics Thread

Well, I was going to just post 1 graphic on this thread, but I decided I will just post my new graphics on this thread as I go on. Well, here is a new graphic I just made, a statue of me :smiley:


Shouldn’t a statue be pretty much the same color? What’s up with the pants

Because close to zero effort was involved:

Forgot about the bird crap. MAH BAD

Well i’m looking at it now, and it seems like I made the pants really dark. When I have the chance i’ll fix it up a bit.

And tricxta, I actually DID shade it myself, I don’t ever use that tool.

You just recolored it you scrub. It’s not even your graphic.

ctrl+u wtf are you doing?[COLOR=“Silver”]

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The colors on his statue didn’t like like they were just desaturated, except the pants.

Well I know its been a long time, but I fixed the statue [ATTACH=CONFIG]3108[/ATTACH]