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Since I disrespected mario and don’t own a wiiu I’m in exile and Schlomo Goldberg otherwise known as Spooon on here is accepting brides from the Israeli government to stop me from posting since they know I’m on to them

I actually hate anime and think 99% of it is garbage including Nisekoi and my satisfaction with life has significantly degraded ever since discovering it, it also made me less proud to be part Japanese, but it did make me finally accept that I was Untermensch. However I do think anime girls are hotter than real life ones because they’re not ugly and they don’t smell bad and a bunch of other stuff, however this is purely perceptional and part of a side effect of a disease I suffer which is known has “having dirty gook blood in your veins.” It could also be part of the fact that looking at picture of cute drawn girls all day and listening to girly jpop music drained the little bit of testosterone that was present in me from my being. One thing about Anime I can definitely agree with is that its incredibly autistic which recently after taking some online tests is the same with me.

So I hope you enjoy this thread, because it’s probably gonna be the worst one yet.


where’s the shitposts anyway
also fuck that noise about the mario thread. Spooon did the right thing, there’s no reason to toss out a good thread because two people can’t learn to stop sperging.

I think I’ll join you here, not that I watch any other anime than pokemon but hey! dem mudkipz, amirite!?

Now that’s something I can get behind

it begins

zo kawaii genosse

Why do I still open this forums on my browser…

thread is going well so far

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I take an unannounced “vacation” "helping my drunken, deranged percaset abusing 60 year old father who yells random nonsense and is batshit insane and randomly accusing innocent people of stealing his stuff that never existed in the first place is not really my idea of a vacation “think of Stephane but less handsome and desirable and highly more horrible and annoying” "

and I miss tons of much funner stuff here.

Thanks guys!

btw Fall Graal is still on for October 8th if anyone wishes to challenge my old school graal sparring greatness…

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started coming to the realization that Graal sucks.

Nostalgia glasses are blinding.

yeah Graal is long past expired, but it was fun while it lasted
without it [spoiler]I’d probably be better off[/spoiler] I would’ve never gotten into level design and made some pretty cool stuff

Graal has always sucked.

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing on Classic lately. A lot more fun than I had been having for a long time.

Hey having trouble changing password in Add/Change Password section to get my client to work. Can you private message me and help me out?


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Remember to eat your bananas kids, they are a good source of potassium and Vitamin B

That’s not how you eat a banana.


are saying the holocaust is a joke?