My Lake o' Lakes

If that’s a dock in the 2nd picture it’s a pretty pointless dock. D:

there pretty good with exception to a few things but yer… well done. Your getting there, now just deal the much attention to all the levels on noddess and your server will finally shape up.

Well it’s fer fishing… :smiley:

But then where do I park this?!

other side of the island xD

You mean that squat house riiiight over on the other side of the island with your name on it?

no… more to the left xP

Okay, right next to it is a space to put it. Thanks for clearing that up.

Looks pretty good and I know you said it wasn’t finished so I look forward to seeing the end product.

A few words of advice. Try to make things look less contrived, that is, make things look natural. Bushes usually grow together, no random path tiles, etc.

Also, mushrooms and little stones are blocking tiles. That is annoying. Use them sparingly and if you do use them I would suggest putting them on the perimeter of the level where people won’t walk.

Remember you want to balance function and style. You can have the prettiest level, but if it is not easy to traverse i.e. practical in a playerworld then it will be more annoying than it is pretty.

So, just some things to take with a grain of salt.

Already hate it. Too much detail.

Follow this order:
Natural barriers (water, trees, cliffs)
bushes, stones (liftable), fences, etc.
swamp tiles, grass/dirt layers
minor details (small grass, dirt, snow, water, lava tiles)


Besides being his typical cynical self, Spooon’s method is the most concise way of level building in my opinion.

This will lead to a less contrived looking level.

Finished it :smiley:
this is gonna be an awesome quest when it gets online

that deep water looks contrived o________o

There is NOTHING I like about those level.

i like the fact that there is another ship pulling into harbor

Another shipment of fail? LOL

is there any other kind?

Are these levels supposed to look nice? I’m not quite sure I understand. :ohdear:

nah there placeholders until benjiro learns to lat nicely