My Lake o' Lakes

well i think they’re some pretty damn nice placeholders…

you guys have no room to talk.

let’s see your levels.

//first flame. feels dirty.

You want to see my levels?

You want to see MY LEVELS?
Can’t right now, but as soon as I get a server I will show you some.

Edit: Let me say they are way better than tricxta and kondie’s :\

Pics or it didn’t happen.

T^T Kondie and tricxta didn’t let you see Anresh Town did they?

!!! Did you see the valley to the left of the Archery shop?

:munch: tell us more about how great you are yen. TELL US MORE!


Now stop.

Yen made the Centurio HQ, but let’s get back on topic. Bejiro’s levels are shit.

I think youve said that enough, how bout you leave it now… Your always giving us a hard time about overkilling shit

I never get tired of saying it :U

Benjiro’s Levels are shit.
Benjiro’s levels are shit.

Benjiro’s levels are shit.

here have a shit level I made for fucking with circular motion


Oh comon now, your levels arn’t shit, they just arn’t. They’re blank.

Congratz. You two fucked up another thread.