My level


It’s a masterpiece. 10/10. Perfect use of detailing, subject and aesthetic tiles.

Xelion = Bayne

Now you know.

this post = trolling

but thanks anyway, now I know how to troll him harder.

No fucking shit. Who do you think I am?

Skyzer Zolderon! The king who forgot who he was.

And possibly how to detect trolling, hehu.

Hey! That’s a spoiler for Zolderon! >:O

this level gave me aids

Well you should hurry up and make more levels for it then :C I want to kill more Slimes.

I’m jelly of your cliff skills. :<

I like to think Assesin32 for how to make tileerrors an crossfire for how to make a screen shot.

I’d like to thank assessin32 for how to make tile errors too.


This thread is offensive and should be taken down.

I don’t have any of the files.

Your cliffs are bad and you should feel bad.[COLOR=Silver]

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fight fight fight

Radiata Stories! :smiley: