My Mini House!

Here is my little mini house! Please Rate and tell me what I should add or change! Thanks!


Its small. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a joke, right?
I’m gonna laugh, because it is almost obviously a joke. Hahahahah
This is a joke, right?

Just to show off my awesome mini things.

i thought this was gonna be a level. disappointed.

Me too, then I was thinking what the he’ll is this?

Show it to gllt. He might like it.

edit: he actually probably likes bigger meatier things though. :wink:
lol someone is butthurt, they [-]Repped me.

Here’s a bigger house I made:
Factory House:[ATTACH=CONFIG]2324[/ATTACH]

hey your a scripter wtf do you think your doing >:0 !

Ew, 'dat pillowshading.
The building itself is interesting though.

lol, first time I actually like something you made xP No offense, though. I like that factory.

yer I wouldn’t mind seeing a sims like game made out of this, wouldn’t be too shabby

Anti-Aliasing on tiny graphics looks like crud, though, imo.

Fucking penis shitz.

Where’s GS3?[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Do you even know what pillow shading is? That isn’t pillow shading at all.

Well, duh. I never zoomed in.
From afar it looked pretty pillow shaded.

Sim City clone, GO GO GO.
Benzy can do it in GS3. :slight_smile:

I loved SC2

img tags slightly shrinking the image enough to blur it? Boo.

That AND this monitor is getting a bit old. So the image is already a bit fuzzy.