My mother's a warped Philanthropist!

Christ’s dick! My mom’s been looking at so much third world shit on Youtube about Jews, India, and shit.
What should I do about it other than taking collateral damage by stalking her?!

Eh, Jews don’t belong to a third world country, it’s a religion.

If you belong to a religion, you live in a third world country.

Hmm…I wonder if anyone caught on to TC post…

every country has one main stream religion , which means all countries are third world , which defeats the whole number system since there is no 1 or two . unless you want to count ethiopia as number one and two since they cant afford religion nor do they care cause they can’t eat it .

Theocracy sucks.

what I said is exactly what I said and no

Angry ‘I hate my mom’ post aside, I call bullshit on the donations being passed down to this thread.